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Lindberg, McPherson, Mancuso, Pangrazio, and Rosinski Claim Ransomville Victories


Ransomville Speedway

Lindberg, McPherson, Mancuso, Pangrazio, and Rosinski Claim Ransomville Victories

RANSOMVILLE, NY (July 21, 2023) Batavia, NY’s Dante Mancuso won the Blake Chaffee Memorial for the Sunflowers of Sanborn Mini Stocks at the Ransomville Speedway on Friday night. Josh Pangrazio from Oakfield, NY was able to score the victory in the Empire Street Stock Series. Gary Lindberg from Ridgeway, Ontario won his first Krown Undercoating 358 Modified feature of the season. Cody McPherson from St. Catharines, Ontario won the Hy-Tech Concrete DIRTcar Sportsman feature event. DJ Rosinski from Lewiston, NY won the Kevin’s Carpet Cleaning Novice Sportsman feature event. The JetPort Restaurant & Lounge and Chris’s Appliance Repair presented the racing program that also featured Kids Rides.

Curtis Rung and Dave Dussault were on the front row for the Sunflowers of Sanborn Mini Stocks Blake Chaffee Memorial, with Rung showing the way ahead of Chris Leone, and Ryan Plante. Dante Mancuso would move up to third after starting tail on the field on lap 10, as Rung continued to show the way of the field. Matt Hornquist would move into second and was the fastest car on the track for several laps. Following a lap 15 caution, the lead trio of Rung, Hornquist, and Mancuso would pull away from the balance of the field. Mancuso would take second on lap 18 and would go after Rung for the lead. Mancuso would then take the lead away from Rung on lap 22, and would go on to score the win.

The Empire Street Stock Series event for the KiPo Motors Street Stocks was brought to the green flag by Chris Dziomba and Shane Wolf, with Wolf quickly taking the lead, with Brandon Sherwood taking over second, with Dziomba, Dan Schulz, and John Zimmerman racing in the top five early on. Mike Welch raced his way into the top five on lap two, and then would pass Schulz for third place. Brandon Sherwood would take over the lead away from Wolf on lap five. Wolf would regain the lead from Sherwood on lap seven. As Wolf and Sherwood battled for the lead, Mike Welch would close the gap on the lead duo. Chris Dziomba came to a stop in turn four to bring out the race’s first caution on lap 14. The restart would see Wolf take command, ahead of Sherwood, Welch, John Zimmerman, and Josh Pangrazio. Pangrazio and Zimmerman battled for fourth place, just as Welch passed Sherwood for second place on lap 18. Welch would take the lead on lap 19, as Josh Pangrazio would move into third place. After a lap 24 caution, Welch and Pangrazio battled for the lead, with Pangrazio claiming the position coming to the white flag lap. Pangrazio would score the win over Welch and Zimmerman.

Gary Lindberg, and Brad Rouse shared the front row for the Krown Undercoating Modifieds feature event, with Lindberg showing the way ahead of Rouse, Pete Bicknell, Scott Kerwin, and Chad Brachmann. Mat Williamson would work his way quickly into the top five and would battle with Brachmann for fourth place. Pete Bicknell would pass Rouse for second early on, and would go after Gary Lindberg, who was driving away from the field. After a lap 13 caution, Lindberg, Bicknell, Brachmann, Williamson, and Rouse would race in the top five. Lindberg would drive away from the field to earn his first Ransomville win of the season, and second of his career.

Jim Harbison and Derek Wagner were on the front row for the Hy-Tech Concrete DIRTcar Sportsman feature event, with Harbison showing the way ahead of Wagner and Brett Senek. The lead trio would pull away from Justin McKay and Cam Tuttle. Nelson Mason would go three wide with Tuttle and McKay to take over fourth place, just as Cody McPherson. Derek Wagner would take the lead away from Harbison on lap seven. Harbison would regain the lead on lap nine, with Senek battling with Wagner for second place. Wagner would retake the lead on lap 11, with Senek and Nelson Mason battling for third place. Cody McPherson entered the top five as he raced in fourth at the halfway mark. Mason would pass Wagner for second place on lap 15, as McPherson battled for third place with Wagner. McPherson would move to second on lap 17, as Nelson Mason would take the lead away. McPherson would then take the lead away on lap 18, and would pull away to score the feature win.

Graeme Toth and DJ Rosinski set the pace in the Kevin’s Carpet Cleaning Novice Sportsman feature, with Rosinski taking the lead at the end of the opening circuit. A three-car battled shaped up for much of the feature distance between Dillon Adamczak, Mike Kramarz, and Wayne Swinson. Mike Kramarz would get around Wayne Swinson for third place on lap 10. DJ Rosinski would pull away from Toth to score the feature win.

Next Friday night will be Halloween in July, featuring the rescheduled Family Autograph Night. Fans are encouraged to dress in their Halloween costumes. A full card of Krown Undercoating Modifieds, Hy-Tech Concrete DIRTcar Sportsman, KiPo Motors Street Stocks, Sunflowers of Sanborn Mini Stocks, and the Kevin’s Carpet Cleaning Novice Sportsman will be presented. Pit gates will open at 5pm, with grandstands opening at 6pm, and racing will get underway at 7:15pm. The Little R go-kart exhibition that was originally scheduled for July 28, has been rescheduled for Friday, August 11.

Krown Undercoating 358 Modifieds: GARY LINDBERG, Pete Bicknell, Mat Williamson, Chad Brachmann, Brad Rouse, Jesse Cotriss, Steve Lewis Jr, Scott Kerwin, John Smith, Greg Martin, Andrew Smith, Noah Walker, Sheldon Gardner
Did Not Start: Luke Carleton
Qualifying Heats: Scott Kerwin, Noah Walker

Hy-Tech Concrete Sportsman: CODY MCPHERSON, Nelson Mason, Jim Harbison, Brett Senek, Cameron Tuttle, Derek Wagner, Jessica Kriegisch, Dave DiPietro, AJ Custodi, Colby Adamczak, Kyle Richner, Greenley George, Nathan Peattie, Brett Martin, Abby Castile, Tyler Moore, Larry Vick, Greg Mrzywka, Justin McKay, Dave Conant, Robert Henning, Geneva Sheffield, Jacob Bansmer
Did Not Start: Phil Vigneri III
Qualifying Heats: Nelson Mason, Cody McPherson, Brett Senek

KiPo Motors Street Stocks: JOSH PANGRAZIO, Mike Welch, John Zimmerman, Brandon Sherwood, Jimmy Grant, Simon Bissell, Shane Wolf, Chris Woodard, Dan Schulz, Justin Neff, Phil Schepis, Marc Minutolo, Jeff Almekinder, Damian Long, Ken Camidge, Tommy Bowen, Chris Dziomba
Did Not Start: Glenn Whritenour, Pat Dell
Qualifying Heats: Josh Pangrazio, Shane Wolf, John Zimmerman

Sunflowers of Sanborn Mini Stocks: DANTE MANCUSO, Matt Hornquist, Curtis Rung, Cole Susice, Dave Dussault, Brad Whiteside, Rocco Conte, Tyler Foster, Don Whiteside, Mike Becker, Christian Soliday, Ian Paul, Pete Nigro, Dave Smith, Ray Hyer, Eric Weiss, Ryan Plante, Jeffrey Wynes, Chris Leone, Anthony Haag, Shawn Keus, Cody Griffin, Brian Melcher
Did Not Start: Anthony Muscato
Qualifying Heats: Curtis Rung, Brad Whiteside, Rocco Conte

Kevin’s Carpet Cleaning Novice Sportsman: DJ ROSINSKI, Graeme Toth, Mike Kramarz, Wayne Swinson, Dillon Adamczak, Kyle Teeter, Cameron Rowlands, Luke Blose, Jocelyn Just, Jacob Vick
Did Not Start: Casey Jonathan, Dan McKay
Qualifying Heats: Kyle Teeter, Mike Kramarz

Article Credit: Steven Petty

Submitted By: Steven Petty

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