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Go-Kart Results

2019 Kart Season Concludes with Awards Ceremony

Go Kart Season ending Fun race Day and Banquet was held Sunday September 8th, 2019. We had 35 karts on hand in which everyone had a great last day racing. Afterwards we held our 2019 banquet where Rocky’s Pizza provided pizza and wings as the main dish and parents brought many delicious sides. Trophies were given to all the Novice members, Junior one and Junior two classes. Plaques were given to Junior 3, Senior lites and Senior Heavies. Tom Stevens provided beautiful pictures for the plaques. Scirto’s Awards and Gifts provided the trophies.

The Chris Etue / Larry Stolzenberg Sportsmanship award was given to Dave Just. This award is being given out on its 15th season. Dave does a lot for all the racers as well as the speedway. When mosquitoes were bad he came and sprayed. He loaned engines and parts out to fellow competitors. He welcomed newcomers to the divisions of his daughters and helped ensure they were all friends. We appreciate all Dave does for the sport. Congratulations!

Just Signs and Designs Novice division brought 6 karts to the green. Anthony Dipaolo leads the entire race to his first victory of 2019. There were no cautions in this race. Carson Mogle, Brandon Guyette, Jackson Bonesky, Raelynn Just and Laina Stewart completed the field. Amelia Westlake ended the season with 6 wins, Brandon Guyette with 3 wins. With one win each was Cavan Burke, Ethan Hammer, Giovanna Paonessa and Christian Soliday.

Junior One Slack Karts saw Abby Fisher and Luke Pleace bring the field to the green. On lap 10 Westlake spins on the front stretch. At the restart it’s still Fisher out in front looking for her first feature win on the season. At the checkered it’s Abby Fisher for her first win of 2019. Pleace, Just, Loeshke and Westlake complete the field. Westlake broke on last lap. Junior one division had 2 karters win 4 races each and that was the top 2 in points. Jacob Schulz your champion and Jocelyn Just who was 2nd in points for 2019. With 2 wins late in the season and newcomer to the Little R in 2019 was Wayne Swinson whom was third in points. Each with one win each were Luke Pleace, Tyler Foster and Parker Allen. Fourth in points was Pleace followed by Abigail Fisher, Matt Fingerlow, Oliver Loeschke and Biagio Pelligra. Great Season these kids had.

Fisher Automotive Senior Lites brought nine karts to the green with a few new competitors for the last race of the season. Wallace and Anstett brought the field to the green. On lap 3 Gordon spins in turn 4. On lap four its Anstett to the lead. At half way he continues to lead with Wallace right behind. Checkers flew for Anstett once again in 2019. Smith, Nigh, Castile, Wallace, Stanton, Gordon and Stone rounded out the field. Jeff Chapman was your champion with 8 wins on the season. Jeff Anstett finished 2nd with 2 wins in the point’s season and Jayme Stone won a feature finishing third in points. Fourth in points was T.J Scime, Brayden James, Gene Gregoric, Trent Smith, and newcomer this season Austin Nigh. Vincent Chiodo also won a feature in 2019.

Jeffery Machine Junior 2 once again had 4 karts take the green. Bills and Schulz brought them to the green. Schulz battled Bills real hard lap after lap. Lap 7 they get into each other and spin off turn two. That gives Swinson the lead followed by Soliday, Bills and Schulz. At half way Swinson continues to lead. Swinson wins his third race of 2019 followed by Schulz, Bills and Soliday. With five wins on the season Brayden Bills wins the championship after a tight battle with Sal Paonessa who wins 3 races and finishes a close 2nd in points. Luke Blose wins three and finishes third in points followed by Rylee Rutherford fourth in points.

Junior three Fitzgibbon Contracting saw Brayden Bills and Colby Boyer take the green. On lap one Boyer and Seefeldt get together. We do a complete restart, unfortunately that ended Boyer’s day with a chain breaking. On lap four Seefeldt spins on fronts etch. Restart its Bills out in front and Seefeldt once again having help when he gets spun again. Lap five it’s Bills, Blose, Harris and Seefeldt. Field stays put at halfway. Seefeldt is passing and now chasing down the leader. On Lap 13 Seefeldt get Bills and goes on to win the feature. Bills was a close 2nd, Blose and Harris. With 5 wins on the season Nigel Pendykoski wins the championship. Anthony Pollow was a close 2nd with 4 wins and Riley Bloomingdale ended with 2 wins and third in points. Abby Castile came on strong towards the end and wins a feature and finishes fourth overall followed by Aidan Seefeldt, Colby Boyer, Austin Gordon, Aden Harris, Reese Rutherford, Ryan Gregoric and Aubrey Tompkins.

Finish Line Auto Detail Senior Heavies brought 6 karts to the green. Anstett and Wallace are out in front when on lap 2 Ciliberto breaks and goes off the track. At half way Anstett and Wallace continue to be one, two. Carr gets lapped but is holding his own as he is a new comer to the heavy division. At the checkered flag it’s once again Jeff Anstett with the win. Wallace, Brad Bloomingdale, Stone and Carr complete the field. Jeff Anstett had a phenomenal year with 7 wins and another championship. Tim Wnek had 2 wins and finishes 2nd in points followed by Daul and Seefeldt. Seefeldt and Wallace also had wins in the heavy division in 2019.
I would like to thank all the racers and families for their dedication to the Little R in 2019 and we look forward to seeing you all back in 2020. Have a Great off season.

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2018 Little R Season Comes to End with Annual Fun Race/Banquet

2018 Little R Season Comes to End with Annual Fun Race/Banquet

RANSOMVILLE, NY (September 9, 2018) The 2018 season came to an end at the Little R on Sunday afternoon with their annual awards banquet and fun race. Over $5,300 was raised this season in the driver's point fund through the 50/50 sales and the Chinese Auction held throughout the season. Out of 15 weeks scheduled, only one was canceled due to the extreme heat that was had in the middle of July.

In the Finish Line Auto Detail Senior Heavy, Jeff Anstett won his ninth career championship. Anstett visited victory lane on six occasions to secure the track title. Eric Veihdeffer won three times with Michael Carmer winning twice throughout the season.

Michael Carmer won the track championship in the Poppin’ Hops Senior Lites. Carmer won five times to help him win the title. Jeff Anstett finished second in points with one victory and trailed Carmer by just 20 markers. Eric Veihdeffer, Vincent Chiodo, Jeff Chapman, and Dylan Duhow also visited victory lane this season.

Jayme Stone was crowned the track champion in the Fitzgibbon Contracting and Construction Junior 3. Jayme used four feature wins to help her win the title over Brendan Wallace, who scored three victories. Alexis Bolam (1 win), Trent Smith (2 wins), Bo Wrate (1 win) and Brayden James (1 win) also scored victories and rounded out the top six in points.

Nigel Pendykoski won the track title in the Jeffery Machine Junior 2. Nigel visited victory lane five times to win the title by just 30 points over Riley Bloomingdale. Bloomingdale picked up two wins this season. Anthony Pollow finished third in points and scored five wins with Abigail Castile and Mario Camillo completing the top five in points. Camillo also visited victory lane this season.

Brayden Bills used nine feature wins to power his way to the Slack Karts Junior 1 Track title. Tyler Foster, who ended up finishing second in points earned three victories with Sal Paonessa finishing third in points also earning a victory after moving up from the Novice early in the season. Jocelyn Just and Mason Hanel rounded out the top five in final point standings.

Luke Pleace with three victories won the track title in the Just Signs and Designs Novice. Wyatt Sherman won three times as well and was second in the standings. Abbey Fisher used consistent finishes all season to secure third in the final standings. Oliver Loeschke won five times while Tucker Welshans won three races, Biagio Pelligra won twice, Jacob Schulz won four times, Rylee Rutherford won twice. Youngster Brandon Guyette started late in the season and ran well every time he arrived at the Little R.

The Chris Etue/Larry Stolzenberg Sportsmanship Award went to Michael Carmer. Carmer showed great improvement from last season. Moving up and running two divisions, Carmer was always willing to help anyone out who needed assistance.

New in 2018 for the karts was a special 4-race Mini-Series paying $100 to win. Special thanks to our anonymous sponsor, Bud’s Apple Pie, Tim Phillips Garage, Jerry Gradl Motors, and Matt Farnham Racing for being the sponsors for our four-race series throughout the season.

In total this season, $5,339 was raised for the driver's point fund through the 50/50 draw and the Chinese Auction. Ransomville Speedway would like to thank all of those that supported racing this season at the Little R.


Finish Line Auto Detail Senior Heavy: JEFF ANSTETT – 632, Eric Veihdeffer – 596, Michael Carmer – 588, Brian Skutt – 516, Ashley Daul – 442, Gary Gow – 384

Poppin’ Hops Senior Lites: MICHAEL CARMER – 620, Jeff Anstett – 600, Eric Veihdeffer – 570, Vincent Chiodo – 534, TJ Schime – 532, Jeff Chapman – 382, Dylan Duhow - 334

Fitzgibbon Contracting and Construction Junior 3: JAYME STONE – 616, Brenden Wallace – 592, Alexis Bolam – 588, Trent Smith – 586, Bo Wrate – 556, Brayden James - 540

Jeffery Machine Junior 2: NIGEL PENDYKOSKI – 632, Riley Bloomingdale – 602, Anthony Pollow – 596, Abigail Castile – 560, Mario Camillo – 544, Aiden Seefeldt – 514, Lexi Healey – 490, Austin Gordon – 484, Luke Blouse – 482, Reese Rutherford – 452, Aubrey Thompkins - 434

Slack Karts Junior 1: BRAYDEN BILLS – 652, Tyler Foster – 618, Sal Paonessa – 582, Jocelyn Just – 534, Mason Hanel - 512

Just Signs & Designs Novice: LUKE PLEACE (3 Wins), Wyatt Sherman (3 wins), Abby Fisher, Oliver Loeschke (5 wins), Tucker Welshans (3 wins), Biagio Pelligra (2 wins), Jacob Schulz (4 wins), Rylee Rutherford (4 wins), Brandon Guyette

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