Ransomville Speedway

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Wheel To Wheel Action Every Friday Night!

Wheel To Wheel Action Every Friday Night!

Witness the best short track racing in the northeast each and every Friday night. Click to see a full list of events.

7/8/2022 - Ransomville Speedway

7/8/2022 - Ransomville Speedway

Ransomville, NY

13 entries

Krown Undercoating Modifieds

A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 3-Chad Brachmann[3]; 2. 42-Pete Bicknell[2]; 3. 38-Ryan Susice[5]; 4. 9-Jonathan Reid[1]; 5. 6-Mat Williamson[4]; 6. 4-Greg Martin[10]; 7. 26-Rich Richner[9]; 8. 55C-Jesse Cotriss[8]; 9. 33J-Robbie Johnston[13]; 10. 11S-Steven Lewis Jr[12]; 11. 1S-Andrew Smith[11]; 12. 26C-Luke Carleton[7]; 13. 11J-James Sweeting[6]

13 entries

Sunflowers of Sanborn Mini Stocks

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 1-Dante Mancuso[2]; 2. 46-Brad Whiteside[6]; 3. 26-Dave Dussault[5]; 4. 38-Ian Paul[3]; 5. 198-Cole Susice[10]; 6. 17-Brian Melcher[9]; 7. 316-Jeffrey Wynes[4]; 8. 24-Curt Rung[7]; 9. 62P-Ryan Plante[1]; 10. 7-Mike Becker[11]; 11. 11P-Peter Nigro[8]; 12. (DNS) 36-Don Hermanson; 13. (DNS) 8-Don Whiteside

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