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Ransomville, NY...Monday, June 27th, 2005-Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, Tennesee captured the inaugural World of Outlaws Stacker 2 Late Model event last Monday night at Ransomville Speedway. Bloomquist took the lead at the drop of the green and maintained the top spot through the entire sixty lap main. Bloomquist kept everyone guessing as his hauler pulled into the pit area just prior to time trials after being stuck in traffic in Pittsburg, Pa. It was certainly worth the wait as Bloomquist gave the fans their monies worth.




            Bloomquist edged out into the led at the drop of the green followed by Tim McCreadie, Billy Moyer, Chub Franks, and Shane Clanton. The star studded field showed why they are the best of the best as they ran without incident through the early stages. Bloomquist enjoyed a comfortable lead although McCreadie was able to keep him in his sights. By lap ten, the leaders had encountered heavy lapped traffic. Bloomquist slipped high in turn four allowing McCreadie to close the margin slightly.





            Lapped traffic proved to play a big part in the feature main as McCreadie caught Bloomquist and looked to the inside. The challenge was short lived however as Bloomquist was able to hold onto the top spot . Moyer was able to move in on McCreadie as Bloomquist once again pulled away to a comfortable lead. After having a difficult time in time trials, the very talented World of Outlaws Stacker 2 Late Model drivers seemed to have figured out the big R as the event continued to run caution free through the halfway mark.

            The first caution flew on lap thirty-five for Steve Casebolt who came to rest in turn four with a flat tire. Bloomquist set the pace for the restart and maintained the top spot over McCreadie, Moyer, Franks, and Clanton. Moyer challenged McCreadie for the second position as Bloomquist pulled away from the field. Bloomquist went on to win his first feature main of the season. McCreadie, Moyer, Clanton, and Ruhlman rounded out the top five.




            Scott Kerwin of Newfane, NY took top honors aboard the Original Pizza Logs Sportsman twenty-five lap main. The defending champion took the lead at the drop of the green aboard his Mark Cerrone, Inc./Good Guys Transmissions sponsored machine and was never seriously challenged enroute to his second win of the season.

            It was a star-studded front row as Ransomville top dogs Kevin Wills and  Kerwin shared the front row for the start of the Sportsman main. Kerwin had the advantage as the field completed the first circuit. Wills, Mike Kruchka, Tony Purgarich, and Dave Just rounded out the top five as the field ran clean and green through two. Visitor Mark Chiddy brought out the first caution flag as he lost the handle in turn two on lap three. Kerwin maintained the top spot on the restart utilizing the outside lane. Purgarich continued his great season as he advanced to second and immediately went to work on Wills. James Strassburg broke into the top five with Jeff McGinnis and Jason Boyle in tow.

            By halfway, Kerwin had built up a sizable lead over Wills who was comfortably in second. McGinnis used a move to the highside of Purgarich on lap twelve taking over the third position. Strassburg, Boyle, Just, MacTavish, Kruchka, Mark Potter, and Kyle Inman rounded out the top five. The event ran caution free through the final circuits with Kerwin taking his second win of the season. Wills, McGinnis, Boyle, and Purgarich rounded out the top five.

            World of Outlaws Stacker 2 Late Model Time Trials: 21-Billy Moyer-17.432, 1-Josh Richards-17.447, 1*-Chub Frank-17.530, W11-Robbie Blair-17.550, 25-Shane Clanton-17.620, 39-Tim McCreadie-17.731, 29-Darrell Lanigan-17.792, 91d-Billy Decker-17.797, 17m-Dale McDowell-17.989, 0-Scott Bloomquist-18.050, 143-Miles Stilzinger-18.054, c9-Steve Casebolt-18.100, 28b-Dick Barton-18.147, 22-Bump Hedman-18.180, 9b-Paul Briggs-18.195, 15-Steve Francis-18.209, 44h-Dave Hess Jr.-18.302, 44-Clint Smith-18.315, 07r-Brent Rhebergen-18.350, 87r-Chad Ruhlman-18.365, 28e-Ed Carley-18.366, 9-Dan Schlieper-18.383, 24-Rick Eckert-18.403, 11-Brady Wonderling-18.408, 5b-Kirk Bradley-18.421, 3s-David Scott-18.430, 04-Bob Close-18.471, 5k-Kirk Ryan-18.497, z1-Mike Wonderling-18.542, 01-Doug Ricotta-18.594, 1g-Rich Gardner-18.618, 12m-Matt Hubbard-19.060, 2j-Scott Johnson-19.319. Did not take time-2jr-Randy Lobb, 5wp-Eric Jacobson, 21d-Dan Stone, and 23-Blankenship.

            Pitnotes-A total of 41 Late Models signed in to do battle in the 60 lap main event. Tough break for Dan Stone from Thompson, Pa who took a wild ride during time trials. Stone was a-okay but the car suffered a great amount of damage.




WORLD OF OUTLAWS STACKER 2 LATE MODEL FEATURE FINISH-SCOTT BLOOMQUIST, Tim McCreadie, Billy Moyer, Shane Clanton, Chad Ruhlman, Josh Richards, Dan Schlieper, Darrell Lanigan, Robbie Blair, Rick Eckert, Steve Francis, Brent Rhebergen, Bob Close, Chub Frank, Billy Decker, Dave Hess, John Blankenship, Clint Smith, Dale McDowell, Steve Casebolt, Miles Stilzinger, David Scott, Dick Barton, and Todd Andres. Heat Winners-Shane Clanton, Tim McCreadie, Chub Frank, and Scott Bloomquist. Dash for Cash-Scott Bloomquist. B-Main Winners-Steve Francis and Billy Decker.


ORIGINAL PIZZA LOGS FEATURE FINISH-SCOTT KERWIN, Kevin Wills, Jeff McGinnis, Jason Boyle, Tony Purgarich, Dave Just, James Strassburg, Boyd MacTavish, Mark Potter, Mikey Kruchka, Mike Jeffery, Kyle Inman, Curt Friesen, Steve Schumacher, Scott Just, Greg Martin, Paul Cammare, Doug Coons, Bob Broomfield, Mark Chiddy, Ricky Newton, and John Smith. Heat Winners-Kevin Wills, Scott Kerwin, and Mikey Kruchka.



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